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  • I miss you. Please come back?

    … Creating var directory ‘/usr/src/git/debian/pkg-mariadb/builddir/mysql-test/var’… Checking supported features… MariaDB Version 5.5.32-MariaDB-1 Installing system database… – SSL connections supported Collecting tests… Using server port 42388 ============================================================================== TEST RESULT TIME (ms) or COMMENT ————————————————————————– worker[1] Using MTR_BUILD_THREAD 300, with reserved ports 16000..16019 oqgraph.basic [ skipped ] No OQGraph oqgraph.binlog [ skipped ] No OQGraph sphinx.sphinx [ skipped […]

  • Well, that was an eventful day!

    *whew* I did a bunch of things yesterday. We took our kindergärtner to her first Friday at her new school (and were about 10 minutes tardy. oops). We then took our toddler to a nearby playground with swings and slides and let her expend some energy. After she had been sufficiently exercised, we walked back […]

  • PCRE support has hit quagga

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Paul Jakma changed: What |Removed |Added – —————————————————————————- Status|UNCONFIRMED |RESOLVED CC| |paul dishone st Resolution| |FIXED – — Comment #2 from Paul Jakma 2009-06-19 15:09:42 — I’ve pulled in the patch from Jeremy Jackson which, I understand, was based on this. This adds, at least for now, a […]

  • Jenkara is building

    Okay… after this morning’s post, I decided to make Jenkara build. It is now. You can get it thus: $ svn co or $ wget You can build it with ye olde $ ./configure && make there’s no install target, so run it with $ cd src && ./jenkara but it doesn’t work […]

  • Writing Free Sofware index

    So, I’ve been meaning to write an index for this series. I haxx0red my web server and made this easy-to-remember url work.

  • Writing Free Software: Part 11 – A simple man page

    Introduction Okay… it’s high time we wrote some docs. I come from a perl background, so we’re going to write the docs using perldoc. I know there are better ways to do this for C# projects and I’m happy to take contributions to this series. Just ask for contributor status and you can post the […]

  • Next article in the “Writing Free Software” series

    Hey all, I’m not certain what the next topic should be. I’ve got a few ideas. Could the interested parties let me know what they’re curious most about? documentation distributing .exe.config and .dll.config files inter-package dependencies using pkg-config creating sub packages test harnesses and the “check” target the debian/ directory and .deb packages … something […]

  • Writing Free Software – Part 10: Subdirectories

    In this installment, I’ll cover creating different subdirectories for different parts of the code. We’ll move NDesk.Options.cs into an ndesk directory and Greeting.cs into a src directory. Some modifications need to be made to various pieces of the distribution in order for this to work out correctly. We’ll do the minimum required now and cover […]

  • Writing Free Software – Part 9: Creating the wrapper script

    A previous post covered altering the install target so that it places the .exe assembly into the filesystem of the installer’s computer. In this part, we will cover creating the so-called “wrapper” script, which is the way recommended by the mono project’s application deployment guidelines to make the assembly executable on the system outside of […]

  • Writing Free Software – Part 8: Exploring variables

    Introduction One of autotools’ primary purposes is to allow software to be built and installed on a wide range of platforms. The configure script is responsible for a great deal of this flexibility. When it is run, it interrogates the system on which it is being run to determine the features available. If required features […]