Category: SQL

  • Early Access: Inserting JSON data to BigQuery from Spark on Dataproc

    Hello folks! We recently received a case letting us know that Dataproc 2.1.1 was unable to write to a BigQuery table with a column of type JSON. Although the BigQuery connector for Spark has had support for JSON columns since 0.28.0, the Dataproc images on the 2.1 line still cannot create tables with JSON columns […]

  • Second Life on Linux

    Someone should do something with these, or I’m going to do it myself. libsecondlife GtkGLAreaSharp Tao

  • New release of DBD::mysql (v3.0004)

    Patrick released a new version of the perl MySQL connector. This .pm was my introduction to the mysql world, way back in the day. If you can program your way out of a perl brown paper bag and you haven’t used this tool yet, I recommend you write a hello world program to get familiar […]

  • Useful MaxDB commands

    To find a list of tables in a schema: $ sqlcli -u TEST,TEST -d SYNCMANA “SELECT * FROM TABLES WHERE SCHEMANAME = ‘TEST'” To find a list of triggers on a table: $ sqlcli -u DBSERVICE,SECRET -d SYNCMANA “SELECT * FROM TRIGGERS WHERE TABLENAME = ‘T'” To describe a table’s structure: $ cat me && […]