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  • Audacity – Still the first Google™ result!

    Take that, Barack! Free Software is still more important on the intarwebs than your book :) Anyway, I’m going to test out this here mic…

  • Monocast II

    This week’s monocast features a charming and debonaire, sophisticated and well spoken guest. With great hair. You should really listen. Hi, mom. MonoCast Forums Subscribe: MonoCast AAC MonoCast MP3 MonoCast OGG

  • Monocast 1.0

    Sorry for the delay in this production. It was mostly my fault. We just about had it one night, but then I forgot my headset at work. I’m such a dork. So. With no further ado, RevFry’s MonoCast Subscribe: MonoCast AAC MonoCast MP3 MonoCast OGG

  • Open Source/Free Software Video Editing Software?

    Can someone help me out here? I’d like to import video from my camera (firewire) as either DV or run through my favorite codec, and write it to disk. I would then like to be able to crop, cut, and paste certain frames from the whole movie and store them as “clips” or some similar…

  • State of the C.J. – 20060625

    C.J. Blathers about recent major changes in his life. Mail me for credentials.

  • Meta-interview with Eric Butler

    Eric and I were trying out Gizmo.

  • Moved blog, took long weekend

    For those of you who want to hear me read this instead of having to do so yourself (no hyperlinks), click here for .ogg and here for .mp3. I migrated the blogs’ database and code from moonunit to avenger, both of which run Debian Sarge. Y’all should now notice a vast improvement in throughput. The…

  • The podcast about podcasting

    Ogg Vorbis Podcast MP3 Podcast Transcript: Hello, this is C.J. Adams-Collier, the host of “Podcasting with C.J.”, and I’m here to speak to you about Podcasting. Well, that just about does it for our show. We hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you next time!