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  • Please begin seeding etch release candidates with me

  • Isn’t the windows gtkglarea fancy?

    Updated @ 20061214T1717 Updated @ 20061215T1140

  • gtk and OpenGL

    I couldn’t sleep this morning. I woke up early and mostly watched Firefly. Between episodes, I hacked on gtkglarea and updated some of my bugs over at the gnome bugzilla system. I added a couple of components to the gtkglarea product page, namely build and docs. Next on my list of things to do for…

  • gtkglarea on win32

    After a long, long wait, GtkGLArea is now running on win32. I’ve put up a temporary package here until I merge the changes into cvs and put out an official package that plays nicely with the rest of the gtk+ platform. The next step, of course is GtkGLArea#, the C# wrapper around this library. And…

  • Edgy

    Edgy’s working well for me now that I stopped attempting to get beryl & xgl working. It’s not production ready yet, folks :)

  • Mono stuff

    1) A.J. is writing unit tests against Microsoft.Xna. We’ll use these unit tests as a sort of specification for Mono.Xna. Same as the perl6 smoke tests. 2) Speaking of perl6, I saw Audrey Tang at work the other day. She’s traveling around working on the bits. She’s planning to visit Boston and Ximian on May…

  • Etch is nearly done

    Unlike another major operating system planned to release in the next couple of months, Debian is no longer in the development phase and is floating gently through QA. From Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 July 24th, 2006 The Debian project confirms December 2006 as the date for the next release of its distribution…

  • My former CEO answers questions on Slashdot

    It was my pleasure to work with MÃ¥rten Mickos, CEO of MySQL for about a year during 2005 and 2006. I was astounded by how involved he is with the employees and how well he keeps abreast of the goings-on in the company. He seems to be of the rare set who are not only…

  • Monocast II

    This week’s monocast features a charming and debonaire, sophisticated and well spoken guest. With great hair. You should really listen. Hi, mom. MonoCast Forums Subscribe: MonoCast AAC MonoCast MP3 MonoCast OGG

  • Monocast 1.0

    Sorry for the delay in this production. It was mostly my fault. We just about had it one night, but then I forgot my headset at work. I’m such a dork. So. With no further ado, RevFry’s MonoCast Subscribe: MonoCast AAC MonoCast MP3 MonoCast OGG