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  • Parsing English Language (if you consider IRC logs to qualify)

    Haha. I wrote this on October 3rd, 2006. I started logging IRC conversations in 2005. I’ve got lots from #perl and #mono. I wonder if the n’ere-do-wells who frequent those channels will mind me using their public commentary to build an english language parser. I’ll make it “open source,” of course. Erhm, I mean Free…

  • My daily contribution to the M$ Shills?

    I put the Novell folks who made xbuild work with IronRuby in contact with the M$ folks who write IronRuby. Another contribution from M$ into the growing pit of blasphemy which is Open Source. (it’s a joke. you’re supposed to laugh.)

  • Bugzilla needs a JSON-RPC implementation in JS under MPL or compatible

    Likely released under MIT/X11 or the Mozilla Public License. I’m looking around to find one. Maybe Mono has one in the AJAX contribution it recently received from Microsoft. It’s licensed under Ms-PL, though, so I don’t know if it qualifies. Thoughts? Do you know of one? Thanks.

  • Is Boycott Novell interested in fixing the problem?

    Roy, Would you like to work with me to fix the US patent system? I sure would like it if you’d stop saying mean things about the most active and effective Free Software developers I know. If we have to fix the broken patent system in order for you to stop giving F/OSS a black…

  • Mono on the G1

    I got a g1 for Fathers’ Day (Thanks Hannah!) and I’ve been futzing with it a bit. I rooted it and set up a chroot debian system. It’s running an ssh server, openvpn and snmpd. There’s been a lot of talk about getting flash working on the device. They just announced yesterday the next phone…

  • IronRuby continuous integration machine back online

    Thanks to my wife’s support, the DLR & IronRuby mono build machine is up and kicking again.

  • blog back online

    I moved the servers from the rack in the Westin to my basement. Through the magic of dyndns, xen, shorewall and mod_proxy, we’re up and running again. This blog is a lot faster, too. Tonight I will spend time bringing back. Wish me luck.

  • Jenkara is building

    Okay… after this morning’s post, I decided to make Jenkara build. It is now. You can get it thus: $ svn co or $ wget You can build it with ye olde $ ./configure && make there’s no install target, so run it with $ cd src && ./jenkara but it doesn’t work…

  • GTK+ OpenGL work

    There’s an opening at Canonical that I’d like to take after the current contract is up. It’s an opening for a OpenGL dev on the Ubuntu desktop team. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy working with my current group quite a bit. We’re building a pretty neat tool. However, building OpenGL into the GNOME desktop…

  • IronRuby stuff

    I’ve been doing some work with the DLR team at Microsoft and the community of F/OSS developers they’ve inspired on IRC & the mailing lists. I’m providing a virtual host that is being used to perform continuous integration on Debian sid. The current status is here: Maybe we’ll make an IronPerl one of these…