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  • Recovering videos from DV tapes with Canon ZR80

    I am recovering some tapes from back in the day that some of you may enjoy. Here is a log of the process so that maybe you can recover some of your own DV tapes. Seems to work well in modern Debian. To attach to the camcorder, I used a PCI-e card that has an […]

  • False Positive

    Since a bit before my birthday this year, I have been uncertain where I left my notary seal. I have been trying to stay positive about the situation, but I must admit that I spent an unhealthy amount of time obsessing about its location and whether it has been used in my absence. The last […]

  • Zelda bug!

  • RIP James Richardson Adams II

    James Richardson (Dick) Adams of Hampton, died Tuesday, Jan 31 at the Oceanside Rehabilitation Center. He was born April 15th, 1918 in Philadelphia, PA, He attended George School Preparatory and the University of Pennsylvania. Dick was the child of James Richardson and Dorothy Hendren Adams. Dick Adams was in the Navy during World War II […]

  • R.I.P. Anna Lillian Clothier

    Old news, but worth noting. Clothier, Anna Lillian Anna Lillian Clothier – Pueblo Chieftain – February 8, 1998 – Reno County, Kansas – Anna Lillian Clothier, 93, died Feb. 5, 1998, at Pueblo. She was born July 2, 1904, at Kansas City, Kan., the daughter of John and Della Lally. A Pueblo resident for 54 […]

  • RCW 26.04

    I would prefer that Chapter 26.04 RCW considered anything conforming to the definition of “Domestic Partnership” in SB 5688 qualified as a “Marriage”, but the fact that SB 5688 exists is enough to for Hannah and I to complete a “Marriage License” and formalize our arrangement with the state. We should throw a party or […]

  • No longer just the president of the hair club for men

    So. I think the project I’m working on is so awesome that I’m willing to pay for it. I set up the first of many sites yesterday that will be running on my blingy new storm host: Home Birth Seattle was designed and developed by Cadmium Yellow, AKA my wife, Hannah ;) We did the […]

  • RIP Russell Alan Adams

    (Sourced from AMHERST, Mass. — Russell Alan Adams, 58, died Friday, March 12, 2010, at the Fisher Home in Amherst, after a brief illness. He was born Aug. 19, 1951, in Boston, the son of Norma Mary (Coggin) Adams. He was raised in Hampton, N.H., and graduated from Winnacunnet High School in 1969. After […]

  • Well, that was an eventful day!

    *whew* I did a bunch of things yesterday. We took our kindergärtner to her first Friday at her new school (and were about 10 minutes tardy. oops). We then took our toddler to a nearby playground with swings and slides and let her expend some energy. After she had been sufficiently exercised, we walked back […]

  • Taking a job at MS

    So… next week, I start a contract with Microsoft in Redmond. I’ll be working on what seems like a fun project. I’ve enjoyed working at CarDomain for the last four months. Fun projects, a cohesive group, neat technology. I’m mostly moving on because a) I’ve been writing web pages for a long time and want […]