False Positive


Since a bit before my birthday this year, I have been uncertain where I left my notary seal. I have been trying to stay positive about the situation, but I must admit that I spent an unhealthy amount of time obsessing about its location and whether it has been used in my absence. The last time I remember having it was just prior to my birthday, when I was showing its location and combination to someone who had never seen it before. I have since found myself questioning motives and intentions of this person.

I feel relieved, after two weeks of fretting, to have discovered my seal untouched, where I thought I had left it, and in the same state it was in when last I exposed it to those I think I probably trust. Perhaps I can continue to trust these people with the contents of my REDACTED and the administrative keys to the kingdom. Or republic. Or whatever it’s hip to call this place these days.

2 responses to “False Positive”

  1. At a job I worked for in the 90s, the company paid for one of the administrative employees to become a notary public. I was a little disturbed that when she was laid off as the company wound down, she left the seal behind. Just out on the desk with the pens and post-it pads and such.

    • I could have totes signed a relase with that and it woulda’ come outta’ YOUR bond when the release was found not to have been passing regression tests. And you got off easy!

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