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  • And with that, the keyserver is back online Go go gadget interwebs. Now to sync back up and get into good standings on the status page.

  • Building libvirt on CentOS5 (incomplete)

    Much thanks to Brett for the pointers on rpm-fu. $ sudo yum install \ xen-devel \ xhtml1-dtds \ hal-devel \ libpcap-devel \ cyrus-sasl-devel \ parted-devel \ numactl-devel \ avahi-devel \ slang-devel \ libvolume_id-devel \ openldap-devel # device-mapper-devel \ # xmlrpc-c-devel \ for pkg in \ libssh2-devel-1.2.5-1.el5.pp.x86_64.rpm \ libssh2-1.2.5-1.el5.pp.x86_64.rpm \ libssh-0.2.1-0.2.svn193.el5.pp.x86_64.rpm \ libssh-devel-0.2.1-0.2.svn193.el5.pp.x86_64.rpm do wget […]

  • John Hodgman is using software that I helped to write

    A recent blog post by The Hodg Man mentions that he uses (AND ENJOYS) a product I’ve helped to build. Yay. *** FULL DISCLOSURE NUMBER TWO FAITHFUL READERS OF THIS IMITATION BLOG know that, having crashed my own website repeatedly while linking to it Twitterphonically, I experimented with NEW INTERNET TECHNOLOGY to try to fix […]

  • AoE root for KVM guests

    Intro So. I’m trying to get familiar with libvirt and friends. To this end, I’ve set up a Lucid virtual machine booting from PXE into an initrd environment which does a pivot_root to an AoE block device. The #virt channel on told me that in order to have libvirt provide PXE capability, I would […]

  • building unmodified_drivers

    This is the gist of it: $ cd /usr/src/ # $ sudo chmod a+rwx . $ wget $ alien -tg kernel-source- $ cd kernel-source- $ tar xfj linux-2.6.27.tar.bz2 $ for f in patches.*.tar.bz2; do tar xfj $f || break; done $ for p in $(./guards x86_64 < series.conf); do patch -d linux-2.6.27 -p1 < […]

  • Xen PV network driver

    I haven’t used Xen HVM until recently. When I was at Amazon and hanging with the Xen provisioning folks, I recall complaints about the performance of network drivers on HVM instances. I’ve recently discovered that this was due to the use of the ioemu virtual interface (vif) system. In paravirtualized environments, Xen vif devices are […]

  • Sorry for the downtime

    One of my servers (and co-incidentally, the one on which this blog is hosted) was down for the last week. I ran out of space on / and created a new lv to store the contents of /usr. I named the lv dom0-usr but referred to it as amd0-usr in /etc/fstab. It didn’t boot so […]

  • Installing Open Solaris as a Xen domU

    This particular dom0 is running Ubuntu 8.10 on an amd64 kernel using an lvm volume group called ‘vg0’. Adjust accordingly. Note that the credentials for this particular live cd are: unprivileged username: jack unprivileged password: jack privileged username: root privileged password: opensolaris I have been meaning to add a Solaris machine to my network for […]

  • IronRuby continuous integration machine back online

    Thanks to my wife’s support, the DLR & IronRuby mono build machine is up and kicking again.

  • blog back online

    I moved the servers from the rack in the Westin to my basement. Through the magic of dyndns, xen, shorewall and mod_proxy, we’re up and running again. This blog is a lot faster, too. Tonight I will spend time bringing back. Wish me luck.