John Hodgman is using software that I helped to write

A recent blog post by The Hodg Man mentions that he uses (AND ENJOYS) a product I’ve helped to build. Yay.



FAITHFUL READERS OF THIS IMITATION BLOG know that, having crashed my own website repeatedly while linking to it Twitterphonically, I experimented with NEW INTERNET TECHNOLOGY to try to fix this problem.

SPECIFICALLY, my host, LiquidWeb, called and offered their cloud computing solution STORM ON DEMAND. I think this means that instead of being stored on a single regular computer, my whole website is instead stored on dozens of semi-mechanical, murderous black clouds on various uncharted islands.

Cloud Computing at Work

THIS EXPERIMENT WAS SUCCESSFUL. So, in the spirit of full disclosure,

I AM USING STORM ON DEMAND FOR A REDUCED PRICE, and unless it grabs me and pulls me in to the woods to murder me, I will continue to USE AND ENJOY IT.


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