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  • Mono On Rails

    Web 2.0 compatible I’ve just released v0.0.1V (where V stands for “vapor”). get a copy from our fancy distribution mechanism

  • gtkglarea-sharp clarification

    22:33 -!- Irssi: Starting query in 130 with Sandriman 22:33 <Sandriman> Okay, I have been asking for it for several times, but since we’re obviously in such different time zones that unless I become noctural, I cannot seem to make it online simultaneously with you :) 22:33 <Sandriman> nocturnal that is* >_< 22:33 <Sandriman> Anyway,…

  • Quake mdl loader bits and a (more) managed gtkglarea-sharp

    So… Now that I’m unemployed, I’ve got a few minutes to work on some mono stuff. I’ve committed a quake .mdl file loader to the GtkGLAreaSharp examples directory. I’ve got plans to display the model using the framework, but that’s not quite finished yet. On #mono today, someone asked for an interesting feature. They think…

  • GtkGLArea-Sharp update

    Last night, Hannah was visiting a friend and Scarlet went to bed early. I spent a couple of hours bringing my mono development environment back up to a working state and verified that the gtkglarea-sharp still builds with the current mono. All’s good. I made some changes to the wiki documentation, reflecting my appointment as…

  • Interaction

    Hey all. Please comment on this entry. I’m trying to get an idea of who’s listening to what I say. Why do you read this blog? Are you interested in community wireless networks? OpenGL development on Linux? Family? Business Intelligence? Synchronizaton Manager news? Freecycle™ development? Random Perl bits? Something else I’ve forgotten about? I’m finding…

  • Meta-interview with Eric Butler

    Eric and I were trying out Gizmo.

  • Trip to Microsoft on 2006/05/02

    I went to Microsoft with Arjen the other day. We talked with Eric Lippert about some new features of C# 3.0 and how MySQL might integrate itself more deeply into the Microsoft Development Environment. More details if anyone makes noise about being interested.

  • GUI Service Management App in Mono

    On Saturday at LinuxFest NorthWest, I was approached by someone named Paul who was intererested in writing graphical applications to execute common tasks. I asked for an example, and he mentioned service management of for instance, apache and bind. So we wrote a small mono app using Glade as the interface designer. Here is…

  • Anybody need some cycles on a sun machine?

    Hey you mono folks. Yeah, you. You know who I’m talking about. Do you need some cycles on a sun machine to run build tests?

  • Is gtkglarea-sharp ready for production?

    I don’t know. Probably not quite yet. But there has been interest using the toolkit in a production video game. Fun. But what do you all think?