MySQL Meetup 2006/05/01

Hannah, Scarlet and I attended the Seattle Meetup, since we heard Arjen was planning on being in town. We went to the normal location, but the owner told me they were closed due to their entire staff being involved in the civil rights march.

We arrived to a table full of the regulars. Breadsticks, pizza, calzones, salad, lasagna and the screams of a well-missbehaved young girl ensued. I spoke for a while with Rob Lanphier, formerly of Real. I met Rob via email a while ago, but every time I’ve met him face-to-face since (including last weekend’s LinuxFest) I’ve forgotten who he was. Again, I apologize Rob :)

Wez was wearing a “tag” shirt, which I didn’t understand until he mentioned metadata. Ah. I have recently added a tag category to my blog. All I need to do now is start podcasting about podcasting, and I’ll be set!

I didn’t get a chance to talk much with Joe, sadly.

Hannah and Arjen got a chance to talk about the t-shirt she recently helped MySQL AB bring back from the grave. Today, Arjen showed me a photo of someone wearing it, and it looks very good.

I only caught snippets of Brian and Arjen’s discussion at the other end of the table. Scarlet was not having any of the sitting quietly and allowing the grown-ups to have all the fun bit.

I brought up my recent (and ongoing) work on/with the MaxDB Synchronization Manager. There were sniggers and grunts about “real databases” that I think I’ve heard jocularly thrown about by the postgres community. We discussed the internals of the maxdb kernel (pascal) and how the codebase has coped with the decades.

Scarlet and I sat in the large window in the back room of Piecora’s and giggled for a while. She stood on her head and giggled some more. She was very happy, in part because Hannah and I gave her some of the ginger ale we ordered. She also seemed happy with the company.

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