MaxDB Synchronization Manager User Report

United Drugs had occasion to use the Synchronization Manager in production at this year’s convention. Mark Thomas (of United Drugs) and the MaxDB team at MySQL have been getting a use case document together to present the experiences. We had a great deal of help from the SyncMan dev team at SAP Berlin and Chris Hall of Just 4 Dental (who, by the way, also uses the Synchronization Manager in production).

I think the document has come together well and does a good job of describing what the industry can expect out of the Syncronization Manager in its current form. It should also be noted that this document has been presented to SAP Berlin and that many of the issues that have been brought to light have been addressed in the most recent release of MaxDB,

So, with no further ado, let me present to you MaxDB Synchronization at United Drugs’ Annual Convention, A report on the usage of the MaxDB Synchronization Manager by Mark Thomas (United Drugs) and C.J. Collier (MySQL).

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