I was going to write an opinion article….

But then I thought better of the idea. Anyone who still takes bn seriously after the recent terrorist actions is likely not going to be swayed by facts, proof of their hypocrisy, their total lack of participation in the community and failure to engage with campaigns they claim to support.

Rather than taking the time to write something up proper, here are some questions I asked and the answers that I had to find myself, since was a curious lack of response.

12:07 < cj> 1) do you condone, condemn or have no feeling on the actions taken against Schlesinger?


12:08 < cj> 2) What are your thoughts about patent-laden mesa code in the default desktop releases of many popular distributuions?

13:17 -BNc:#boycottnovell- [schestowitz] Truly Free Software 3D Driver for ATI/AMD Gets Better http://ping.fm/0Ly0M

12:12 < cj> 3) have you or do you plan to contribute to the Software Freedom Law Center?


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