Debian mono-2.4.2 on the move, IronPython in its own package

I’m too busy to make two separate blog entries, so here is an update on my Mono work for the day.

I’ve helped get the mono-2.4.2 debs moving. The mono-api-diff tool was removed after the 2.2 branch, so I grabbed it from the attic, dusted it off and patched it for use by meebey. The solution is sub-optimal, but at least he’s able to use it get things moving again.

The other piece of news is from Ivan on the IronRuby/IronPython front. He mucked with the build script such that there are now two binary tarballs emitted. One for IronRuby, one for IronPython. I’ve fiddled with the build status report HTML template a bit and added separate links to each package. For an example, see:

Keep in mind that these tarballs unpack to the current directory, so be sure to unpack in an emptry directory. I’ll ask Ivan to make this not happen in future versions, but until then: you’ve been warned.

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