I’m at OSCON

I’m making videos.


I need to learn how to compress some of these iMovies snippets into something consumable by the general public via “podcasting” software.

Who knows what formats *everybody* can watch / listen to on *all* platforms? What does VLC support? I’ll target VLC as the media player and I plan to set up a torrent of the videos as soon as they’re uploaded to my servers. But last time I got involved in distributing things via bt, the internet broke. As far as the folks I was drying up the link for were concerned. Sorry folks. I’ll try to make it a little less difficult to DOS me this time.

vdomainhosting.net and my other ISP should hold on to your hats and tell me if things start breaking. But I’ll do a bit of research beforehand to attempt to avoid the tragedy that happened last time.

Now that it’s Saturday night, I’ll finally post this :)

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