IronRuby continuous integration back online

We haven’t done much work on keeping the continuous integration (CI) machines online, and there haven’t been any new builds since November of ’09. I should set Nagios to remind us when things get off track or something. The recent acceptance of the DLR into Debian and our intention to get the next release produced has inspired me (and maybe others) to get things back up.

Ivan and I put a couple of Hudson instances up recently that you can reach via and The linux instance is dropping new builds of IronRuby to I expect we can tweak the build script a bit and have it also produce IronPython builds. This would hypothetically drop the builds to

Ivan mentioned that we may get CNAME records which would activate the and hosts as well.

Note that these builds are being produced from the linux branch of git://

Thanks for your work on this, Ivan!

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