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  • Monocast 1.0

    Sorry for the delay in this production. It was mostly my fault. We just about had it one night, but then I forgot my headset at work. I’m such a dork. So. With no further ado, RevFry’s MonoCast Subscribe: MonoCast AAC MonoCast MP3 MonoCast OGG

  • SD Times article about Mono

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Sorry Matt, Miguel was on vacation and I took charge while he was gone. My apolgies for letting your bug slip through the cracks. I was busy with work work. If that link does not work, it is likely because you do not have an account on our […]

  • Virtual Reality software

    I, like Jeff B., have been caught up in the wake of Second Life. I haven’t spent a lot of time logged in to their official client, though. I created a user on their web form and verified that it does, in fact, work on my mac laptop. The reason I registered a user was […]

  • What has tseng been up to?

    08:35 <@cj> tseng: more with the addition of content to the aggregator! 55 days ago? get on it! :) 08:35 < tseng> cj: :( 08:36 < tseng> cj: i can blog last-exit 3 now that iain finally rolled the tarball 08:36 < tseng> its been over 55 days since i started working on it :/ […]

  • Prims XSD alpha, pre-release

    The libsecondlife (libsl) team is putting together an XML schema doc to describe the format of the 3d objects it will use to present the second life world to its users. This XSD will enable libsl to have a hardened API to create and manipulate 3d objects, whether they are presented to the user via […]

  • Second Life .prims project

    John of the libsl team has been working with the .prims XML 3d primitive format recently. I’ve been looking for a good, common XML format to serialize 3d data for a while. This looks like it might be what I’m looking for. On my libsl TODO list is a project to create a hardened specification […]

  • Monocast 1.0

    So, Rev_Fry and I got together last night and did a couple of takes for the first Monocast. Rev and I will be attending the upcoming Mono Summit in MA on the 23rd and 24th. We figured that we should do a first show before we showed up so we can claim some listeners. The […]

  • Second Life on Linux

    Someone should do something with these, or I’m going to do it myself. libsecondlife GtkGLAreaSharp Tao

  • Open Source/Free Software Video Editing Software?

    Can someone help me out here? I’d like to import video from my camera (firewire) as either DV or run through my favorite codec, and write it to disk. I would then like to be able to crop, cut, and paste certain frames from the whole movie and store them as “clips” or some similar […]

  • Tao 2.0 in the wild

    Congrats to David, Vlad, Randy and the rest of the Tao folks! David has recently contributed a number of patches that provide an autotools build environment for Tao. Not only that, but it now builds on mingw (or so rumor has it). This greatly increases the Tao library’s accessibility, and I predict that it will […]