Cocoa# is getting attention

My inbox overflows with mail from the cocoa# list. If you’ve been wondering about the status of the project, you should check out the list.

Cocoa# was my first Mono-related project. I started working on it while I was an SDET/SysAdmin for a Microsoft vendor in Seattle. Matt Westervelt and Rob Flickinger of Seattle Wireless Network fame convinced me that buying a Powerbook would be good for my personal growth. It turned out to be true.

Anyway, the folks at the MS vendor used C# and I read a bit of their code and played with a few of their development tools. They were really exciting, and the industry was spending a lot of money on getting .NET to be the most easy-to-use Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment available.

But it wasn’t getting much attention on the mac platform, and I had just bought one. So I joined Kangaroo, Urs, Dru, Iaian and the rest of the folks to hack on the first Cocoa<->.NET bridge.

But then Scarlet was born and I stopped doing anything other than raising my little Boo for a while.

So that’s what I’m thinking about tonight.

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