Wisdom from IRC

08:41 < cj> dmoonfire: I did a bunch of line breaking and whitespace reduction 
            tricks to keep all columns below 80 chars.  Maybe I should use more 
            terse, context-specific variable names...
08:42 < dmoonfire> I like verbose names, even with 80col, no idea why.
08:42 < cj> https://svn.colliertech.org/mono/dnpbAutotools/dnpbAutotools/test.cs
08:42 <@jonp> name length should be proportional to scope size
08:42 < cj> jonp: well put
08:42 < dmoonfire> A wonderful way of saying it.
08:42 < cj> mind if I blog that?
08:42 <@jonp> it's in a book: The Practice of Programming
08:43 < i-nz> amen.
08:43 <@jonp> don't recall if it was put exactly like that, but it's close to 
08:43 <@jonp> cj: and yes, you can blog it
08:43 <@jonp> cj: and plug The Practice of Programming too. :-)
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