Back online…

Sorry for the outage, folks. We’re back up now. This time with a firewall. Ain’t that fun?

Someone broke in to the machine in February and was using the un-throttled bandwidth to spam the world.

I’ve added a throttle and firewall, much stricter access to the internal network, monitoring tools and an alert infrastructure. Hopefully this will not happen again.

The SMTP and IMAP servers are not functioning yet, so I’m not able to send or receive email from my standard address again yet. That’s next on the list, but it requires installation and configuration of an LDAP system, some fiddling with the mail storage system, and the import of all of the old messages.

Another new bit is that I didn’t get the email about OMGWTF!!! YOUR DOMAIN IS GOING TO EXPIRE!!! so it did, and now I’m without

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