GDK on Quartz

I’m intrigued by the work being done by Imendio and friends on GDK on the Quartz back end. Until recently, running gtk+ applications such as Monodevelop and The GIMP required that the optional X11 implementation be installed to an OS X machine.

Imendio has been investing time in working on the quartz implementation of gdk, the low-level drawing kit on which gtk+ relies. In addition to the work of porting just the gdk layer, there is an effort to create a framework to help gtk+ apps fit in with the distinctive look & feel of the Apple platform.

I’m in the process of building from svn using jhbuild. I’ll be participating in the forums in case anyone else is interested in helping to squash some bugs!

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Asbjørn.

    The baby is letting me know she’s done with the breakfast, so I can’t do more now. It seems like most of the weekend goes that way. I’ll prod again shortly :)

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