CI build server produces Iron Python bins, too!

Ivan has updated the build script to produce IronPython binaries as well as IronRuby. Get your fresh DLR-powered, mono-friendly, dynamic language implementations here:

There are now links to source and binary tarballs as well as source zips on each of the build result status messages:

I’ve been putting some effort in to getting the .deb of ironruby put together, as well. Here are the current problems :)

* xbuild in sid is not new enough to successfully build IronRuby
* rake requires a gem called pathname2, which is not otherwise packaged, and debian policy strictly disallows using ‘gem install foo’ during build
* mono 2.4.2 does not include mono-api-diff, which is keeping us from making a .deb of xbuild and friends

2 responses to “CI build server produces Iron Python bins, too!”

  1. Great stuff!

    In debian, will there be a common package (something like libdlr) that both the ironruby and ironpython packages can depend on?

    • That’s the plan, but so far, we’re not going to be able to do that. When the DLR libraries stabilize (C♯ v4), we’ll be able to use System.Core.dll. Currently, though, the interface has not stabilized, and I believe IR and IPy are using different versions of the lib.

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