mono- debs will include array comparison patch

Thanks to Marek being a superhero, we have isolated the changes necessary to fix the compiler from the tag so that we can build IronRuby with xbuild. I’ve delivered the patch to meebey, and he has included it in his debian/patches list.

Without this patch, I was going to have to package up the pathname2 gem and add a dependency on rake and this gem. Ick. Too much work, and we planned to move to xbuild eventually anyhow, so it would have been thrown away as far as I’m concerned.

In addition to this, Ivan has committed Ankit‘s character case fix patch to Michael‘s git repo.

Now all I’m waiting for is the diff.gz from meebey, then I should be able to get the IronRuby packaging done and commit it to pkg-cli-libs.

But rather than sitting around and waiting for this, I should really clock some billable hours…

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