dlr-languages_20090805+git.e6b28d27+dfsg-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED

I’m happy to announce that after the filing of an Intent to Package and nearly 2 years of work, IronRuby 0.9, IronPython 2.6b2, and the DLR are now in Debian. To my knowledge, this is the first package in Debian with direct and active upstream support from Microsoft.

Kudos for this release go to Jo Sheilds (package sponsorship & mentoring), Mirco Bauer (package sponsorship & mentoring), Matthias Klose (IronPython package review), Ivan Porto Carrero (IronRuby build/test support), Michael Letterle (IronRuby build/test support), Jim Deville (IronRuby build/test support), Jimmy Schementi (upstream point of contact @ Microsoft), Dino Viehland (IronPython build/test support), Michael Foord (IronPython build/test support), Marek Safar (mono c# compiler support), Ankit Jain (xbuild support), the folks on OFTC’s #debian-cli, Freenode’s #ironruby and GimpNet’s #mono, and the folks on the IronRuby and IronPython mailing lists.

This is my first package in Debian, too. I’m pretty ecstatic ;)

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