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  • MaxDB Synchronization Manager User Report

    United Drugs had occasion to use the Synchronization Manager in production at this year’s convention. Mark Thomas (of United Drugs) and the MaxDB team at MySQL have been getting a use case document together to present the experiences. We had a great deal of help from the SyncMan dev team at SAP Berlin and Chris…

  • Interaction

    Hey all. Please comment on this entry. I’m trying to get an idea of who’s listening to what I say. Why do you read this blog? Are you interested in community wireless networks? OpenGL development on Linux? Family? Business Intelligence? Synchronizaton Manager news? Freecycle™ development? Random Perl bits? Something else I’ve forgotten about? I’m finding…

  • Goodbye, Peter Z!

    Today, we had a going-away lunch for one of the local MySQL guys, Peter Z. I had a picture taken. From right to left: Peter, Karen, Kelly, Joe, Larry and yours truly.

  • Contributed to PeterZ’s talk at MySQL UC 2006

    Hey, look! Peter mentioned me in his presentation at the UC this year. UC2006-MySQL-Performance-Landscape.pdf I let him use the Sunfire T2000 I borrowed from Sun (which I should return today) to generate some statistics for the talk.

  • Moved blog, took long weekend

    For those of you who want to hear me read this instead of having to do so yourself (no hyperlinks), click here for .ogg and here for .mp3. I migrated the blogs’ database and code from moonunit to avenger, both of which run Debian Sarge. Y’all should now notice a vast improvement in throughput. The…

  • Trip to Microsoft on 2006/05/02

    I went to Microsoft with Arjen the other day. We talked with Eric Lippert about some new features of C# 3.0 and how MySQL might integrate itself more deeply into the Microsoft Development Environment. More details if anyone makes noise about being interested.

  • MySQL Meetup 2006/05/01

    Hannah, Scarlet and I attended the Seattle Meetup, since we heard Arjen was planning on being in town. We went to the normal location, but the owner told me they were closed due to their entire staff being involved in the civil rights march. We arrived to a table full of the regulars. Breadsticks, pizza,…

  • New pre-release of the maxdb<->mysql bi-directional synchronization manager code

    Let me stress that this code is not complete and has not been tested. This is probably not something you want to get involved in. Move along. Thank you. Bye bye. Now that I am writing to an empty house…. I’ve pushed a new version of the synchronization manager code to my subversion repository. It…

  • A quick over-view of RDBMSs’ general place in the world, and ours in particular

    [1][2][3] RDBMSs (or for clarity, Databases) are a basic element of any computer-based appliance in the same way as are an Operating System, Web Server and software development platform. As is common for developers of Open Source software, I am quite familiar with Linux as the Operating System, Apache as the Web Server, MaxDB and…

  • MySQL AB :: The MaxDB series on PlanetMySQL.

    We’ve published the first few episodes of the weekly MaxDB series in .pdf form. Please take a look and let us know what you think! MySQL AB :: The MaxDB series on PlanetMySQL.