Vacation Tasks

So, I’m taking vacation this week and next. Here’s a (partial) list of tasks that are left to do:

  • Visit BC for NANOG 55
  • Work with Threshold Communications to verify interop is working as well as it seems to be
  • Make sure the UTC has acknowledged receipt of our 2012 filing
  • Complete move of storage from old chassis to new-ish hot-ish-ness
  • Bring one of these chassis online to handle VoIP for the wireless L2 segment
  • Bring a 1600 online at our Bartel POP
  • Take the disk image created for the above and duplicate it 3x for California-based 44Net nodes
  • Bring the VMs whose storage was being provisioned via iSCSI back online
  • get the ATA and DSLAM online and hook up the customers who are demanding service.
  • Call CenturyLink and explain to them that I WILL report them to the consumer protection department of the Utilities and Transportation Commission if they do not take action to correct their failure in regard to contract negotiation and accounting.

That’s probably enough, if not too much. Here’s some of the bits I’ve done this week:

  • Re-establish IPv6 connectivity for many of my hosts
  • Twiddled quite a few bits on the BIG-IPs
  • Set up a home brew provisioning server for some 1120E hardware SIP phones I’ve got laying around (DHCP + TFTP + a bunch of twiddly firmware bits and config files – ping me if you want them)
  • Did a lot of updates to the DNS infrastructure. We have slave DNS servers in all of our DCs now
  • hung out on IRC a lot
  • Started accepting IPv4 HTTP requests for in Bothell instead of Tukwila
  • Put together some perl & php for the WA NGB to help with their online recruiter finder
  • Reduced size of SAN base OS (squeeze) to something that fits on a CF
  • Moved disks from old SAN chassis to the new one.
  • Booting from CF now instead of first partition of first disk in array
  • Discovered small (~3k bytes) disk error on one of the RAID members
  • Made complete backup of entire array using dd
  • Replaced failing disk and began recovery, with great thanks to the linux-raid list
    md0 : active raid5 sdg2[6] sdc2[4] sdb2[3] sdd2[2] sdf2[1] sde2[0]
          4864240640 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [6/5] [UUUUU_]
          [=========>...........]  recovery = 46.9% (456668928/972848128) finish=1461.9min speed=5884K/sec
  • Brought up 802.11g AP for wireless VoIP service
  • Configured asterisk to accept 24 SIP lines from GrandStream ATA
  • Brought GrandStream ATA online. Currently sending SIP/RTP calls over OpenVPN tunnel to avoid NAT issues. This will be corrected when the new asterisk server is brought online. I’ll have it connect to the core with IAX, and it will be on the same physical L2 as the GrandStream and 1120Es
  • recovered RAID-1 array on laptop
  • made sure KE7KMO is still functioning

And probably some other stuff ;-)

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