AD Physical to Virtual conversion… Continued!

So I wasn’t able to complete the earlier attempt to boot the VM. Something to do with the SATA backplane not having enough juice to keep both my 6-disk array and the w2k8 disk online at the same time. I had to dd the contents off of the w2k8 disk and send it to the SAN via nc. And it wouldn’t write at more than 5.5MB/s, so it took all day.

cjac@foxtrot:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/sdb | \
  pv -L 4M -bWearp -s 320G | \
  nc 4242
cjac@san0:~$ nc -l 4242 | \
  pv -L 4M -bWearp -s 320G | \
  sudo dd of=/dev/vg0/ad0

Anyway, I’ve got a /dev/vg0/ad0 logical volume all set up now which I’m exporting to the guest as USB.

Here’s the libvirt xml file: win2k8.xml

No indication as to how long this will take. But I’ll be patient. It will be nice to have the AD server back online.


[edit 20140422T172033 -0700]
… Well, that didn’t work …

[edit 20140422T204322 -0700]
Maybe if I use DISM…?


[edit 20140422T204904 -0700]

Yup. That did ‘er!

C:\>dism /image:c:\ /add-driver /driver:d:\win7\amd64\VIOSTOR.INF


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