OMG Maven 3.0.4 on stretch

“Why?”, you might ask, would one want to run something other than the most recent version of Maven on the very newest and fangledest breed of the linux distribution we have all loved for so long.

“Because!”, I might answer, I’m trying to get the nexus-apt-plugin working on, and the version of nexus we’re running there explained to me in quite uncertain terms that it would talk to no other version of maven than 3.0.4 or something else that is not packaged for debian.

So I grabbed the source for version 3.0.4 from wheezy and patched it up to work with stretch:

$ cd /usr/src/deb
$ dget
$ cd maven-3.0.4
$ perl -i -pe 's/(libmodello-maven-plugin)1.4(-java)/$1$2/' debian/control
$ quilt pop -a
$ quild push 1
$ perl -i -pe 's/-1.4.x\.jar/.jar/' build.xml
$ perl -i -pe 's/google-collections/guava/' build.xml
$ perl -i -pe 's/\s+$//' build.xml
$ quilt refresh
$ quilt pop
$ quilt push -a
$ debuild -uc -us
$ sudo apt-get remove maven libmaven3-core-java
$ sudo dpkg -i ../maven_3.0.4-3+deb7u1_all.deb

And now I can build the silly nexus-apt-plugin…

$ mkdir -p /usr/src/git/github
$ git clone /usr/src/git/github/nexus-apt-plugin
$ cd /usr/src/git/github/nexus-apt-plugin
$ mvn compile && mvn -q test

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