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  • An update

    I don’t really have anything really exciting to report, so y’all get to listen to me blather. And after all, that’s what blogs are for anyway, right? Zelda is turning 11 months old this month. This is still my favorite picture: I have been dishonorably discharged from Amazon. It seems that I am incompetent. It […]

  • I had to fill out a Bio today… here’s what I wrote.

    My background includes experience in system administration, network operation, technical support, and development of applications on server and client side. My primary operating system is Debian GNU/Linux. My primary programming languages are C# and Perl. I run a small family ISP on a not-for-profit basis: I am a “charter” member of a group originally […]

  • Mono Project on Launchpad

    Hey folks, Robert Collins and Mark Shuttleworth were kind enough to add a Launchpad project for Mono. It will be nice to have a presence on Launchpad, as it is one of the focus points of the Ubuntu development team. We should be able to wrangle some more ubuntu devs with this exposure. The Prebuild […]

  • Wisdom from IRC

    08:41 < cj> dmoonfire: I did a bunch of line breaking and whitespace reduction tricks to keep all columns below 80 chars. Maybe I should use more terse, context-specific variable names… 08:42 < dmoonfire> I like verbose names, even with 80col, no idea why. 08:42 < cj> 08:42 <@jonp> name length should be proportional […]

  • A (round-about) story about Jeffry P. Bezos

    The following is what i wrote on “” about the boss. I thought it was worth keeping in my own archives, since it’s actually a story about my life as it pertains to Mr. Bezos. Back a few years ago, I was taking some classes down in Edmonds. The one I’m thinking of in particular […]

  • Cocoa# is getting attention

    My inbox overflows with mail from the cocoa# list. If you’ve been wondering about the status of the project, you should check out the list. Cocoa# was my first Mono-related project. I started working on it while I was an SDET/SysAdmin for a Microsoft vendor in Seattle. Matt Westervelt and Rob Flickinger of Seattle Wireless […]

  • Tagged Message Delivery Agent challenge / response layer

  • my name in lights

    Hey, look. My name is mentioned down at the bottom. testing aggregator’s ability to de-dup this update

  • Please begin seeding etch release candidates with me

  • Isn’t the windows gtkglarea fancy?

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