An update

I don’t really have anything really exciting to report, so y’all get to listen to me blather. And after all, that’s what blogs are for anyway, right?

Zelda is turning 11 months old this month. This is still my favorite picture:

I have been dishonorably discharged from Amazon. It seems that I am incompetent. It might have had something to do with slipping a note under the CEO’s door, though. But I have no proof of that, so let’s assume it was an un-related event. Being a nutjob doesn’t necessarily get one booted from employment. I think I can prove that.

My friends were very supportive during my short stint of unemployment:

18:32 <@drgone> how's being fired?
18:32 < cj_> drgone: I made money by being fired.  isn't that great?
18:32 <@drgone> rock on
18:32 <@drgone> gotta love hush money
20:13 <@btm> cj: where you working now?
20:56 < cj_> btm:

I went to lunch with a couple of friends from #mono today. That references earns me the right to spam the monologue folks (hi everyone!). benjoldersma, his friend [Ian] and I went to an Indian place in Fremont. I was hoping that RevFry would come, too, but he is lame.

We talked about the Seattle Mono Users’ Group (all four of us), Prebuild, the DLR, my hopes of getting a gig at Microsoft to implement Perl6 on the DLR, IKVM, GTK#, gtk+, XAML, WPF, Moonlight, Ubuntu, and other stuff, I’m sure.

I’m working at on contract. It’s fun. The people there seem smart and interested in what they’re doing. Their development infrastructure makes me happy. The fact that their devs do automated testing also makes me happy. The fact that I have LoS to the Westin makes me happy. The parking situation rains on my parade.

Speaking of the Westin, I let down my friends with whom I co-locate. I was unable to run to the rack when one of the servers needed love and attention. It cost the other folks quite a bit of revenue. Allow me to apologize publicly. I’m sorry folks. I’m doing what I can to reduce the risk of this happening again. I hope I can make it up to you.

Hannah got a job at Microsoft working on the Surface team.

And with that, I will select some categories… thanks for tuning in :)

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